Friday, June 12, 2015

123 things about me

1. Birth name: Megan Lynne Kilgore
2. Born in: Bath, Maine
3. Name I go by now: Aiden Eugene Willows
4. My phone is: an LG Access LTE
5. Eye color: green
6. Favorite animal: cats, tigers, squirrels
7. Ring size: 9
8. Height: 5'5"
9. I am allergic to: lidocaine, fresh cut grass, brain nuts, lactose
10. I was born on: May 1st
11. I am annoyed by: overly hyper children that never calm down, dead markers, pens running out of ink, being overly warm
12. Some favorite musicians of mine are: Ryan Adams, Jessie J, Rob Zombie, Michael Buble, Jimi Hendrix... a bunch more
13. My bed is: where I atemot to sleep
14. One thing I don't like about yourself: my chest
15. I sleep on my: everything
16. At the moment I am thinking about: the kid needing his meds
17. The last person I went to the movies with was: my dad and Kat
18. My favorite holiday is: halloween
19. My current hairstyle is best described as: easy to deal with
20. The last cd I bought was: G-Eazy
21. The last movie I saw in the theaters. The Avengers: Age of Ultron
22. My siblings include: my step sister
23. Yesterday I: was busy
24. Who makes me laugh: my animals
25. Last show I watched: american horror story: coven
26. What I don't understand is: my step son
27. The most unsatisfying answer I've ever received is: i dunno.
28. Something I really miss when I leave home is: my kitties
29. The thing I'm looking forward to the most is: my top surgery
30. People call me: aiden
31. The person(s) who know(s) the most about me is/are: me, kat
32. The most difficult thing to do is: love myself
33. I haven't gotten: a good night sleep in forever
34. I HAVE gotten: annoyed lately
35. The first person I talked to today was: my kat
36. My first crush was: logan crane in 1st grade
37. The one person who I can't hide things from: is myself
38. Last time someone said something I was thinking: calm yourself
39. Right now I am talking to: little aedan
40. My dream job is: an art director
41. My first job was: an assistant in our community ed office in high school
42. My favorite authors are: r.l. stine, james dashner, steven king...
43. I have had these pets: cats, dogs, fish, hamsters, gerbils, rat, rabbit, asian dwarves, salamander... i think that's it
44. I can still see: my dog's butt
45. The worst sound in the world is: mass amounts of people and children crying in them
46. The person who makes me cry the most is: no one really
47. Best sound in the world is: hearing i love you and that it's not my fault i can't fix everything, oh and thank you.
48. Who makes me happy: my pets, kat, my handful of good friends
49. Favorite foods: hummus, rainier cherries, cotton candy, cous cous, cheese pizza with white sauce, spinach and feta.
50. Favorite piece of clothing: my gym shorts and tank tops
51. Favorite color(s) are: lime green, hot pink, bright purple and anything neon
52. My friends are: very random and mostly online
53. My computer is: basically a dvd player at the moment without internet
54. The last person I got mad at was: my roomatr
55. My favorite place to eat is: subway
56. The all-time best show is: american horror story, the oblongs, strangers with candy
57. The all-time best feeling in the world is: being able to do things and afford things when we want to do them. Being able to go on dates...
58. Favorite scent: cake, cotton candy and garlic bread
59. What color is your hairbrush: black comb
60. Favorite shoes: white canvas shoes
61. I lose all respect for people who: abuse animals or children
62. My favorite tv channels: chiller, animal planet, discovery and syfy
63. The worst pain I was ever in was in: getting glitter in my eye
64. Best Memory: surprising my mom for mother's day, art.classes in high school, valleyfair
65. Favorite TV show: american horror story
66. Favorite stuffed animal: mr bojangles my sock monkey
67. My greatest fear is: drowning, burning to death, bugs and small spaces
68. My weakness is: cats
69. My first concert was: weird al yancovich
70. My last concert was: michael buble
71. One person that I wish I could see right now: my grandma rose
72. I am: watching toy story 3 and trying to not be annoyed by aedan without his meds
73. A random funny thing that makes me laugh: cat videos
74. The following things are on my bed: pillows, blankets, Kat's notebook... that's it.
75. The last thing I ate was: chocolate covered cranberries. Like three of them
76. My favorite candy is: cotton candy, yogurt covered raisins, chocolate.covered gummy bears, anything gummy
77. My favorite flower is: white oleander
78. My biggest addiction is: collecting stickers
79. Some people say I am: eccentric
80. I never leave the house without: my phone
81. My biggest celebrity crush is: marg helgenberger, julianne moore, johnny depp
82. Favorite Director: tim burton
83. Favorite part about being an adult: being allowed to stay up as long as i want and sleep in
84. Least favorite part of being an adult: bills
85. Something random and interesting about me is: i was in ballet for almost 9 years
86. My childhood idol was: dolly parton and peewee herman
87. My favorite kind of vehicle is: one that works
88. The one place I want to go before I die is: england
89. My favorite concert I ever went to: michael buble
90. I would describe my mental state as: you never know...
91. My favorite mythical creatures are: Phoenix, unicorn, dragons
92. My favorite day of the week is: saturday
93. My favorite kind of baked good is: cake
94. My favorite meal of the day is: dinner
95. My favorite breakfast food is: chocolate chip pancakes
96. My favorite dessert is: cake
97. Something I love that most people wouldn't expect is: i honestly don't know
98. My biggest daily annoyance is: binder...
99. Right now I REALLY want: my moobies gone
100. I went to ___ schools k-12: 7
101. When I hear the word false I think: hope
102. If I had more ambition I would do this every day: clean around the house and do my artwork
103. My favorite condiment is: marinara sauce
104. A musician I used to not like but now love is: katy perry and miley cyrus
105. Odds, evens or don't care: odds
106. My favorite symbol is: pot leaf, pentagram, plaid
107. Something I learned a lot from in my life was: art comes from everywhere in many forms
108. My favorite type of music is: rock, rap, big band, techno
109. My current relationship status is: engaged
110. Type of computer I use: laptop
111. My longest relationship was: 3 years
112. My favorite kind of accent is: british, australian, scottish and irish
113. My favorite summer activity is: bonfires, night walks, being able to wear shorts!
114. My favorite winter activity is: staying warm
115. Some of my favorite actors are: johnny depp, julianne moore, sandra bullock, brad pitt, uma thurman, morgan freeman
116. My least favorite celebrity is: paris hilton, kim kardashian
117. My favorite cartoon character is: the aliens from toy story
118. My favorite super hero is: batman, thor.and.captain america
119. My favorite villian is: loki, Ursula
120. I have never: been skinny dipping
121. I wonder why: i am lactose intolerant
122. Something I wish I had the guts to try because I think I might be good at it is: be a full time artist
123. My current favorite song is: don't have one

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