Tuesday, April 1, 2014

so lost...

raising a child in any respect is difficult but as a step parent, it can be a combination of horrible and amazing. right now, i am dealing with a 5 year old boy who has a father in town in the picture and his mother, my fiance. they each take him for a week at a time and he is in head start, takes the bus... but that is becoming an issue due to his behavior. he is a generally sweet kid but he has a major attitude and seems to think that arguing is the coolest new thing. over the last three days he was almost sent home from school an hour after being there, got in trouble on the bus and just today was written up for multiple things on the bus today. we have a hell of a time with him at home and apparently his father does at his house, as well. i love this kid like he was my own and i want him to be comfortable and safe and getting the help he needs, if he does need any.

ADHD does run on her side of the family and the stubborness and not wanting to talk about feelings comes from his dad's side of the family. i am trying to figure out how to make this something that could work out in their favor. if we had the money i would say we need to get him into therapy possibly over the next year to just see. they have kid psychologists at his school and they are already kind of concerned for him and that is something that i worry about because i don't want him to have to deal with all the things that i did. but at least they are catching it at a young age verses when you are 14 and suicidal in 8th grade.

i try to productive and proactive with him but my anxiety goes really high when i am around him for some reason. not all the time but when he is hyper i really find it difficult where to focus and what to do with him cause he can't focus on more than one thing for longer than about 10 minutes and it seems to be getting worse with age.

i know there are a lot of parents out there who have kids, maybe some with add or adhd, and i am looking for some easy and fun ideas to help work with him, help my anxious self find a way to calm down without wanting to cry when he gets on my nervous.

this winter is lasting forever so i think that is part of the issue cause it is basically impossible to go out and play cause it is melting then freexing then melting then freezing which makes it basically impossible to play in or even walk on for the dog to go to the bathroom. i want more than anything to be able to send the kid outside into the front yard, get a chair and my umbrella and just sit there reading, writing, drawing, something. but we are stuck inside right now and i just don't know what to do with myself let alone a rowdy kid with a low attention span.