Saturday, January 18, 2014

2 years??

          believe it or not, i have officially been on testosterone for two whole years! i have missed shots here and there so it is not 100% of the time in that two years but generally not longer than a few weeks. i just can't believe that it has been a whole 2 years.
          things right now are interesting but nothing overly exciting. i am cutting down on certain things. right now i am no longer eating noodles in anything and i am trying to avoid rice, as well. next will be cutting back on my sugars. we also are buying a lot more vegetables. this time we got a lot, our vegetable drawer was full and we still had a bunch more. i feel very accoplished from our grolcery store strip. :)

          we are moving to a new apartment, actually, in a few weeks. on the first of february we are moving from our place now out to about 4 blocks from where we are now. the place is twice the size, utilities included, bathroom is about three times the size of what we have here. the kitchen is a little bigger, a lot more storage space and the fridge is much bigger. our bedroom that we will be having has a walk in closet, which i will be taking pictures of, for sure. i am so beyond excited. we are moving up, for sure.

          not sure what else to write about right now but realized i need to start keeping up on this stuff again. :)

          until next time

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