Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A lot going on

So, got to go see Michael buble in concert with Kat and it was amazing! Best concert that I can say I have been there. It was awesome. Kat came home with a coffee cup and I got a autographed cd. Oh, and we finally found our song. 'Close your eyes.' I like it a lot and it very much hits our relationship right on the head.
I had my step deprived e.e.g. done the other day. It wasn't too bad. I passed out a few times. Haha. It was weird. I was so tired and that is so weird to me that I am always tired now. I have been like this for so long. I'm just always tired and I am even with caffeine and stuff. I don't know how I got to this point. It is driving me insane. I feel so old. I miss being able to just be up and do things. I don't know if it is my depression or my age that is making me so tired all the time but I really don't pike it at all. I never get anything done because I am always sitting on my ass. I need to try to change that as much as I can.
I had my e.e.g. the other day. Won't get much info for a month after another test. Hopefully learn more about the seizure situation. Cause that is still  worrying me.
The kiddo is starting school Monday. Headstart. I am excited for him to start making friends. :) it will be very good for him. :)
I am not totally sure what all to write since I am on my pbne and it takes longer than hauL to type. And I am kind of tired. Ugh. Anyway... I am gonna go for now. Might find something to do or just lay down. Laters yo!

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