Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A lot going on

So, got to go see Michael buble in concert with Kat and it was amazing! Best concert that I can say I have been there. It was awesome. Kat came home with a coffee cup and I got a autographed cd. Oh, and we finally found our song. 'Close your eyes.' I like it a lot and it very much hits our relationship right on the head.
I had my step deprived e.e.g. done the other day. It wasn't too bad. I passed out a few times. Haha. It was weird. I was so tired and that is so weird to me that I am always tired now. I have been like this for so long. I'm just always tired and I am even with caffeine and stuff. I don't know how I got to this point. It is driving me insane. I feel so old. I miss being able to just be up and do things. I don't know if it is my depression or my age that is making me so tired all the time but I really don't pike it at all. I never get anything done because I am always sitting on my ass. I need to try to change that as much as I can.
I had my e.e.g. the other day. Won't get much info for a month after another test. Hopefully learn more about the seizure situation. Cause that is still  worrying me.
The kiddo is starting school Monday. Headstart. I am excited for him to start making friends. :) it will be very good for him. :)
I am not totally sure what all to write since I am on my pbne and it takes longer than hauL to type. And I am kind of tired. Ugh. Anyway... I am gonna go for now. Might find something to do or just lay down. Laters yo!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

crossing fingers again

I have done some research and am working on figuring out if I can get my insurance to cover my top surgery/ breast reduction. I am hoping the way it is going will continue until it is totally approved but so far so good. one step at a time.

On the 11th Kat and I are going to see Michael Buble in the cities. I am very excited. My mom and step dad got us tickets. This is technically going to be our second date, which I find funny since we are engaged and have been dating for almost 2 years. Having a kid, her working, always being busy with people, being broke and other things have made it a bit difficult. But, this is going to be a great event for us.

So, over the next year or so I am going to be working on the production, writing and so forth of a low budget zombie movie. So, basically at the moment, the biggest part right now is writing. I need something to show people in order to get them willing to invest, willing to take part in it, willing to be a part of the production along with the crew. The crew may be some of the biggest parts that are gonna be difficult along with the cameras and all the professional type gear. I am going to end up advertising for people needed at the colleges. I want to make this happen. I really think that this could be really fun if done right but also something that could be something that could actually be really cool. i think a huge part of it will be finding the equipment and the right people to keep the project going.

I decided to focus most of my efforts at this time on the one project while working slowly on some of my side things like art. But my biggest thing right now will be working on finding other writers and people who can be behind the project to help get things going so we have a script and everything to work with.

I have a few ideas of where and how the movie could be made, some buildings that could be used... thing is making those options usable and accepted by the building owners. i guess we will see for right now but i am hoping that at least one of them will work ok.

so other than those things, there isn't a whole lot going on in my life so i guess that is it for now. :)