Thursday, July 18, 2013

a few new ideas

so, i am trading art with a pen pal of mine and i am really excited cause i love her piece she is sending to me.

i have been looking into these little things called Artist Trading Cards, also known as ATCs. so basically they are trading pieces of artwork the size of trading cards like the baseball cards or whatever. they seem pretty cool. there are a bunch of people on listia doing it, some websites that you trade artwork, letters, etc. i really like this idea. and in the mean time get back into my full scale work like my painting i started and never finished. i was inspired by my friend who offered to send me a piece of hers and then wanted one of mine. i need to use a canvas that i have and make something for her.

i am still collecting free stickers. been getting more in the mail all the time. need to take new pictures of the newest stickers cause i keep forgetting. i have gotten a decent amount and am still getting more every day. need to try to start finding more companies who might send things for free. i am also trying to look around for materials for a desk or a free desk anywhere.

we are looking for a rent to own home, get a place large enough that i can have my own art desk/ work area so then i can produce my work with space andd have things formally organized. i really need a whole room. that will be ideal if we can find a place like that. we found a 7 bedroom for 709  month. honestly, i want it. i want to see it in person and then i want to decide from there. we would need a few bedrooms though. it is an interesting idea. i have a friend who might be able to move in with us, but not sure since he is in treatment right now and with one friend in recovery and one who has admit that he is an alcoholic. i just don't want to have that worry for him. i just really want to be able to have that place if it is as nice as my friend said that it is.

i have meant to blog a few times but i just haven't gotten around to it. i need to stop ditching things and just do them. i need to make a goal of writing at LEAST once a week. then try to go up from there, if it goes well. i think it will be helpful for myself. maybe post the artwork i have created over the week. or show some of the process of drawing.

oh, i have also decided that i really want to try to get a drafting board. that would be REALLY great to have next to the drawing/ writing desk. since my laptop is tiny and whenever i get my desktop fixed, that won't take up much of the room that i will have of the desk if i can set it up right.

i really am gonna figure this all out about possibly just making it but i would need to get someone to help me do it, the materials, the tools, etc. i just dunno if that is gonna happen to be honest. maybe i can just get one of those huge metal desks from the 70s and 80s. i know there is one at my dad's house but it has been there since when my dad moved in back in 97... i am not wanting to touch or move it. i am just gonna keep looking around. hoping that we will be able to get a house soon and go from there.

well, just going to try to think about some random things that i can do to help look for one. earn some money for top surgery. opening a bank account. making ATCs... ugh, so much i want to do but i have to start with one thing. oye.

well, peace out for now

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