Thursday, May 9, 2013

28 and counting

so, had a pretty awesome birthday other than the fact that i was passing out around 2pm... on the couch. i had been awake for about three days and couldn't sleep the two nights before and all of a sudden my body just said, it is time to sleep. NOW.

i am still getting at least one sticker per day in the mail. i am loving it. i hope that this keeps going but i know it won't for very long. but i sent out another email to a handful of companies. i really should be keeping track of these companies... that way i don't end up writing to another one more than once. it will probably happen, too. i am sure it will.

trying to force myself to do things. i didn;t want to do the dishes but i made myself do some. not all of them but some of them. normally i would have just walked away or something and ignored it until kat ended up doing the dishes. i was proud of myself. i am trying to keep doing things like that.

i dunno. kind of a.d.d. and tired. so gonna write more later.


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