Saturday, April 20, 2013


so, i am going through things and getting rid of things i don't need and don't want anymore. i am trying to thin things out and hopefully it will make life a little simpler. i am sick of being surrounded by tons of things that i never use, things that are taking up space where i could be using for my art things. my art desk is completely covered with stuff and it has been for a long time. after my desktop started having problems and i stopped using it... it just ended up being a table to throw everything on. i want to clean it off and set up my art things there and use it an as art desk again. what it is for. 

i am getting more and more stickers on that site i have been using a lot lately, Listia. and the best thing is they are all free. so far i haven't paid a penny for anything i am getting. i love it. i am always searching for free stickers. bumper stickers, skateboard stickers, decals, band stickers, company stickers, polotician stickers, those stickers from the quarter machines in the grocery store... all i am doing is covering my art desk. i am covering it 100% so i am in need of a LOT of stickers so i am always trying to find sites with free stickers and Listia is pretty awesome, plus i have found a few other ways to get free stickers so i am working on getting more and more. i am trying to get my friends to find any that they can find so i can throw them on there, too. best part is i am not picky at all. haha

i am going to go online later and try to find some more free stickers. i will figure it out cause i plan on getting more. i need to get some more stamps though cause i am kind of running low on them at the moment and i will need them for listia plus for some of the sticker things where i need to send in a  self addressed stamped envelope. so, hopefully i will be able to get a list of those and slowly go down them when i have money. i am going to have to send emails and ask how big of envelopes i need. i am hoping i get a LOT of stickers from some of them cause some give you at least 6. that would be awesome. i am going to have to buy some better ones to stick on the top of the ones that i am putting on there right now. right now, i am just trying to cover the majority of the actual surface of the desk. i have it all planned out, just need the stickers to do it. i am trying to hold off on the good ones right now. i am having a hard time not putting them on all kinds of other things... lol. i have a few boxes and stuff that i keep wanting to put them on but i need to save them for the desk. i also am going to need to find a way to fix the desk in the few spots where it is kind of falling apart. i wish i had a more stable desk that i could have started this all on but i will deal with what i have and try to keep fixing it up the best that i can. 

man, i am warm. i turned the heater up and now i can tell. i am getting warm. doesn't help that i am wearing pants AND socks. normally i just walk around in my boxers. haha. 

well, i am going to go for now, not sure what else to write so i will try to write more later after i look for some more free stickers. :)


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