Tuesday, March 26, 2013

time with friends

so, i have begun to realize lately that i am becoming anti-social and a shut in... again. i am trying very hard to not be that way but for some reason i always find myself back in this same situation. i even stopped being online. just sat around not really doing much of anything. how did i become THAT guy? i don't like the way my life is headed so i am going to start trying to make the changes, even if slowly, i need to become the man i know i can be.

i am going to step up for this possible job. i am going to call tomorrow and talk to them about the application i put in and seeing if they were willing to give me an interview or something. i honestly can say that i actually WANT this job. first time since when i worked at michael's... i actually WANT a job.

i am going to work harder at making sure i draw at least a few times a week, maybe even once a day. making sure i post things to my profiles, my art sites, etc. i need to get my creative juices flowing again like they used to be before. when i was angry, i drew... when i was sad, i drew... i need to start getting like that again.

i am going to step up in try to SELL and start producing buyable art. possibly try to get a few clients for tattoo designs and so forth. start charging for things. even if it is on my paypal or something like that. i have ideas.

i am going to try to take better care of myself. this is not just eating. try to do my hair, even if i am not going out. take better care of my skin, use some body and face wash again. just take better all around care of me.

i want to make this all happen. i will clearly have to take some baby steps but this is something that i really want to do and i think that i can do it if i put my heart and soul and effort into it. it will be hard to keep myself motivated in the beginning but if it keeps going and begins a real art career... i will be much more motivated. but i need to rough out the early parts... have to build a fanbase, step one.

i really know i need to do this and hopefully things will start to get better from here.


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  1. "Believe you can and you are halfway there"

    "If it is important to you, you will find a way, if not you will find an excuse"

    and you are right, small steps are the BIGGEST and last the longest... careful about the expectations you set in the beginning and just choose a couple things to hold yourself accountable to... personally I write a list of hobbies and allow myself to choose which one I feel up to working on... if im not feeling it I start with ten minutes and tell myself I can stop after that... on most days if its something im interested in- that ten minutes is the start that I need to pull me in... getting started is the hard part... also, i find it important to credit myself for the smallest of progress... artwork even if it is not to my standard, reading even if it is not a full chapter, journalling even if it doesnt go as planned and I find myself without words. I tried and for that Im headed in the right direction :) Place things out where you will see them readily and often. Make an inspiration board, even if it a file of saved images and quotes...