Thursday, March 21, 2013

adult content... talking about fake penises...

just ordered myself a new packer. i used to have a pack and pee...

pissin' passin' packer

which was a great product, however, i just couldn't get it to work for me so i decided i am going to just sit and pee and get a packer.

this is the one, i just ordered from

now, due to the lack of money and the inability to find the type and size of a harness that i like, i am going to make my own. i found an awesome simmple step by step guide that is to make the type similar to boxer briefs.

right here

so, pretty excited to get it in the mail. i will make sure to post something, maybe a video about it or something on my reviews.



  1. bro i'm w/u on the just sit & pee. I ordered the Gen 2 from PeeCock products a little over a month ago and imo it's a great soft & hard packer,but i still cant STP w/o it running dwn my leg lmao.So i'm glad 2 know t's just not me who cant STP yet

    1. haha, yeah. i find it rather annoying but funny. i did try... but i am just too annoyed with it most of the time to even care. if i have to pee i have to pee and i don't feel like playing games. i dunno. in time, maybe i will get it figured out... but for now, i am sitting and peeing and i am totally ok with that.